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----------NAS Heads Up----------
Netgear ReadyNAS NV+
1. Not reliable. HUGE number of drive failures (Seagate, but a WD drive caused the initial problem).
2. Netgear PowerShift support sucks. Tier 3 support never called for 7 straight days on 2 drives failing despite daily phone calls to Tier2 trying to get to tier3.
So, with payroll coming and over 900 employees waiting for their check with required info on the NAS unit, Netgear really dropped the ball. LOUSY support.
We will never sell any Netgear equipment again. EVER.
Try QNAP or Synology NAS units. Save yourself a ton of problems.

----------Backup & Disaster Recovery Heads Up----------
Acronis True Image for Windows servers is not reliable, and, Acronis support sucks. They want screen shots of linux boots. Too many issues with Acronis in the past 5 years.
Presently, Shadow Protect is a far better product.

----------Dell Servers----------
Dell has no idea on what servers they sell. 5 days on the phone with Dell tech support on a 2008 server crash and they want me to download software for a floppy drive and to boot the server from a floppy. They still make floppies? Dell support is ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS.

----------HP Servers----------
Simply Great. In the past 20 years, I have seen compaq (now HP) out run IBM, Dell, and a host of other long gone manufacturers.

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